IupFlatFrame (since 3.20)

Creates a native container, which draws a frame with a title around its child. The decorations are manually drawn. The control inherits from IupBackgroundBox.


Ihandle* IupFlatFrame(Ihandle *child); [in C]
iup.flatframe{child: ihandle} -> (ih: ihandle) [in Lua]
flatframe(child) [in LED]

child: Identifier of an interface element which will receive the frame around. It can be NULL (nil in Lua), not optional in LED.

Returns: the identifier of the created element, or NULL if an error occurs.


Inherits all attributes and callbacks of the IupBackgroundBox, but redefines a few attributes.

DECORATION [read-only] (non inheritable): return Yes.

DECOROFFSET and DECORSIZE [read-only] (non inheritable): are calculated according FRAME, FRAMEWIDTH, FRAMESPACE and the title area.

BGCOLOR: background color of the child area. If not defined it will use the background color of the native parent.

FRAME (non inheritable): enables the frame line. Default: Yes.

FRAMECOLOR (non inheritable): frame line color. Default: the global attribute DLGFGCOLOR.

FRAMEWIDTH (non inheritable): frame line width. Default: 1.

FRAMESPACE (non inheritable): spacing between frame line and child area. Used only when FRAME=Yes. Default: 2.

TITLE (non inheritable): Text the user will see at the top of the frame.

TITLECOLOR (non inheritable): title text color. Default: the global attribute DLGFGCOLOR.

TITLEBGCOLOR (non inheritable): background color of the title area. Default: the global attribute DLGBGCOLOR.

TITLELINE (non inheritable): enables the title line. Horizontal line that separates the title area from the child area. Default: Yes.

TITLELINECOLOR (non inheritable): title line color. Default: the global attribute DLGFGCOLOR.

TITLELINEWIDTH (non inheritable): title line width. Default: 1.

TITLEIMAGE (non inheritable): image name to be used in title. Use IupSetHandle or IupSetAttributeHandle to associate an image to a name. See also IupImage.

TITLEIMAGEINACTIVE (non inheritable): image used in title when inactive. If it is not defined then the TITLEIMAGE is used and its colors will be replaced by a modified version creating the disabled effect. (since 3.22)

TITLEIMAGEPOSITION (non inheritable): position of the image relative to the text when both are displayed. Can be: LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM. Default: LEFT.

TITLEIMAGESPACING (non inheritable): spacing between the image and the text. Default: "2".

TITLEALIGNMENT (non inheritable): horizontal alignment. Possible values: "ALEFT", "ACENTER" and "ARIGHT". Default: "ACENTER".

TITLETEXTALIGNMENT (non inheritable): horizontal text alignment for multiple lines. Can be: ALEFT, ARIGHT or ACENTER. Default: ALEFT. (since 3.22)

TITLEPADDING (non inheritable): title internal margin. Default value: "0x0".


Browse for Example Files

  frame1 = IupFlatFrame
              IupSetAttributes(IupLabel("Label2"), "SIZE=70x"),

  frame2 = IupFlatFrame
              IupSetAttributes(IupLabel("Label4"), "EXPAND=HORIZONTAL"),

  frame3 = IupFlatFrame
              IupSetAttributes(IupLabel("Label8"), "SIZE=70x"),

  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "TITLE", "Title Text");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "BGCOLOR", "64 192 255");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "FRAMECOLOR", "255 255 255");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "TITLELINECOLOR", "255 255 255");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "TITLEBGCOLOR", "64 128 255");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "TITLECOLOR", "255 255 255");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "TITLELINEWIDTH", "2");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "FRAMEWIDTH", "2");
  IupSetAttribute(frame1, "FRAMESPACE", "5");

  IupSetAttribute(frame2, "BGCOLOR", "0 128 0");
  IupSetAttribute(frame2, "FRAMEWIDTH", "5");
  IupSetAttribute(frame2, "FRAMESPACE", "20");
  IupSetAttribute(frame2, "FGCOLOR", "255 128 128");  /* recursive set for labels */
  IupSetAttribute(frame2, "FONTSTYLE", "Bold");
  IupSetAttribute(frame2, "FONTSIZE", "14");

  IupSetAttribute(frame3, "FRAME", "No");
  IupSetAttribute(frame3, "TITLE", "Title Text");
  IupSetAttribute(frame3, "TITLELINE", "No");
  IupSetAttribute(frame3, "TITLEBGCOLOR", "64 128 255");

See Also

IupImage, IupFrame