Data Fields

Ihandle_ Struct Reference
[Ihandle Object]

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Data Fields

char sig [4]
Itable * attrib
int serial
int expand
int flags
int x
int y
int userwidth
int userheight
int naturalwidth
int naturalheight
int currentwidth
int currentheight
Ihandle * parent
Ihandle * firstchild
Ihandle * brother

Detailed Description

Structure used by all the elements.

Field Documentation

char Ihandle_::sig[4]

IUP Signature, initialized with "IUP", cleared on destroy

Ihandle Class

attributes table

serial number used for controls that need a numeric id, initialized with -1

native handle. initialized when mapped. InativeHandle definition is system dependent.

expand configuration, a combination of Iexpand, for containers is a combination of the children expand's

flags configuration, a combination of Iflags

upper-left corner relative to the native parent. always 0 for the dialog.

user defined size for the control using SIZE or RASTERSIZE

the calculated size based in the control contents and the user size

actual size of the control in pixels (window size, including decorations and margins).

Ihandle* Ihandle_::parent

previous control in the hierarchy tree

first child control in the hierarchy tree

next control inside parent

private control data. automatically freed if not NULL in destroy